Samples dot Earth

connecting data to the physical world


This is an un-vetted overview of some of the actions a publisher may need to do to be part of the IGSN2040 sprint. Some of these items will be required, others will not be.

The sprint will be a test of the flow of information through a new proposed architecture. It will provide an opportunity for providers and indexers to find issues and points that need clarification. For reference providers can reference the ESIP Science on Schema recommendations for type Dataset as an idea of the type of guidance that could be developed for the samples community.

JSON schema

As JSON-LD is JSON it is possible to provide a JSON schema for this work. This may be useful for group who leverage these in their publishing workflow. This aspect of the sprint is still in development.

             In development

shape files

The sprint will use the W3C SHACL recommendation to explore validation of provider data graphs. This validation will help ensure data graph structure is compatible with down stream applications.

A humors SHACL shape was made to look for samples that are spatially located in the tropics and western hemisphere. Though humours, it does demonstrate validating a sample data graph that has location constraints expexted on it. You can see this shape graph below or at:

The goal here is explore approaches to validation and also how to build reports based on validation output.

              @prefix dash: <> .
              @prefix rdf: <> .
              @prefix rdfs: <> .
              @prefix schema: <> .
              @prefix sh: <> .
              @prefix xsd: <> .
                  a sh:NodeShape ;
                  sh:targetClass <> ;
                  sh:property [
                      sh:path schema:latitude ;
                      sh:or ( [ sh:datatype xsd:string ] [ sh:datatype xsd:integer ] ) ;
                      sh:minInclusive -23.5 ;
                      sh:maxInclusive 23.5 ;
                  ] ;
                  sh:property [
                      sh:path schema:longitude ;
                      sh:or ( [ sh:datatype xsd:string ] [ sh:datatype xsd:integer ] ) ;
                      sh:minInclusive 0 ;
                      sh:maxInclusive 180 ;
                  ] .


Example indexing

This test site has been used to test indexing by Gleaner already. A simple screencast of this will be posted here for reference. This will review the use of the index and also discuss SHACL validation pipeline.